Course fees

Category Fee
(before taxex)
(VAT 22% included)
STU (Junior researchers)
Graduate students and postdocs
850 € + VAT 1037 €
ACA (Academic/non-profit)
Researchers from academic and other non-profit institutions
1150 € + VAT 1403 €
COM (Commercial)
researchers from for-profit companies
2000 € + VAT 2440 €

The course fees include participation in the lectures, the computer tutorials and all other course events: coffee breaks, buffet lunch (Monday to Friday), Wednesday’s social programme and dinner, lab handouts (distributed on-site during the course).

Registration closes on May 15th 2017.

In order to register, each participant needs to pay the registration fees filling the form below and completing the payment. Please include a valid contact email as well the participant’s name. Cumulative payments can be placed in case of more than one participant belonging to the same category.

Before paying:

  • If you are unsure about the VAT payment, please check the section “Should I pay VAT?” below or ask us at
  • If you are unsure about which category you belong to, if you need to pay by money transfer, if you need an invoice for your institution, or for any other need, please contact us at

Registration, on-site logistics and other local assistance will be handled by VOICES from the Blogs, a Spinoff Company of the University of Milan.

NOTE: If you pay through PayPal from your personal bank account you must pay the 22% additional VAT. If your institution is European and pays directly through PayPal or money transfer the registration is VAT exempt. For other information about VAT please go the “Should I pay the VAT” section.

If you are uncertain about the payment, please contact us at and we will guide you through registration.

Should I pay VAT?

Due to Italian regulation (DPR 663/72 art.7) and EU fiscal regulations, the total cost for the participant attending this course has to include VAT (IVA in italian) of 22%. This rule applies to all “entities”: profit and non-profit companies and/or institutions and citizens even when special fiscal treatments exist in the original country of the “entity” unless your company or institution is registered into the VIES system.

Please notice: if you pay on behalf of your organization as a private citizen, i.e. from your personal bank account, then you have to add VAT anyway even if your organization is registered into the VIES system (as VAT is calculated for the actual “payer/buyer”). In this case it is better to ask us before paying.

To know about your VIES status, please follow the steps below:

VIES Verification

To check your VIES status, follow these steps:

  1. Ask your administration for the VAT number
  2. Go to this web page:
  3. Select your country from the menu and press the button “cambia” (see image)
  4. Put the VAT number (without the country code) and press the button “invia”
  5. Email the output of the above screen along with your complete data to and ask us to invoice your company/institution