Congratulations Sophie Rabe

Sophie studied Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Heidelberg. She joined the Huber Group in Spring 2014 as student research assistant and worked on genomic biomarkers of drug sensitivity in primary blood cancer cells. For her PhD thesis, Sophie is now joining the group of Sascha Dietrich at NCT Heidelberg, where she will work on the SYMPATHY project, an integrated system medicine approach to personalized and targeted therapy in leukaemia and lymphoma. This multidisciplinary project is intended to have direct clinical impact on patient care in blood cancers.

Welcome Karsten Bach

Karsten Bach has a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Bonn. He joined the Huber group in March 2016. At EMBL, he is finishing up his M.Sc. in Molecular Biotechnology and working on quantitative proteomics together with Dorothee Childs and Nikos Ignatiadis.

SOUND second consortium meeting

The second consortium meeting of the SOUND project, which is led by Wolfgang Huber, was hosted by our colleagues from IDMEC Lisbon. Principal investigators, postdocs and PhD students attended the meeting and presented recent results and progress in the work packages. All partners are well on track with their project aims and the atmosphere of sharing research developments was quite enthusiastic. Junyan Lu held a talk on “Mechanistic study of drug response using ex-vivo drug testing and multi-omics technology“ and Małgorzata Oleś provided a presentation on “Modulators of drug response identified by multivariate lasso regression”. Wolfgang Huber gave a lecture on “Data driven hypothesis weighting and false discovery rates”.

SOUND consortium

SOUND consortium







Photos from Lisbon by Junyan Lu.