Former EBI hosted tools & services

A number of the Huber lab's publications have been accompanied by online supplementary material. Formerly these were hosted at EMBL-EBI, however this is no longer possible. As part of our commitment to reproducibility and data longevity we are now striving to provide access to many of those resources via this website.

If you cannot find the resource you are interested in below, please contact Mike Smith or Wolfgang Huber, and we will try to make it available as soon as possible.

Cell Morphology

This is the online supplement website of the paper Clustering phenotype populations by genome-wide RNAi and multiparametric imaging by Florian Fuchs, Gregoire Pau, Dominique Kranz, Oleg Sklyar, Christoph Budjan, Sandra Steinbrink, Thomas Horn, Angelika Pedal, Wolfgang Huber and Michael Boutros, published in Molecular Systems Biology, June 2010.

Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

Online supplement to High-resolution transcription atlas of the mitotic cell cycle in budding yeast by Marina Granovskaia, Lars Jensen, Matthew Ritchie, Joern Toedling, Ye Ning, Peer Bork, Wolfgang Huber and Lars Steinmetz, published in Genome Biology, March 2010.


Online supplement to High-resolution mapping of meiotic crossovers and noncrossovers in yeast by Eugenio Mancera, Richard Bourgon, Alessandro Brozzi, Wolfgang Huber and Lars M. Steinmetz, published in Nature, July 2008.