Wolfgang Huber

Group Leader and Senior Scientist
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Simone Bell

Simone has a degree in Nutrition Sciences and Home Economics from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Mönchengladbach. She acts as Projects and Communications Officer.
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Constantin Ahlmann-Eltze

Constantin joined the Huber Group in July 2019 as PhD student and his work focuses on statistical method development for biological data. He received his Master degree in Molecular Biotechnology from the Heidelberg University. During his Master thesis, he worked on the development of statistical tests for label-free mass spectrometry data.

Emma Dann

Emma is a Master student in Biomedical Sciences at Utrecht University (NL), following a bioinformatics oriented profile. She joined the Huber group for an 8 months internship and is working in collaboration with Cellzome on a large and complex dataset of multi-omic profiling of heterogeneous perturbagen treatments to characterize the phenotypic response of human cells to epigenetic drugs.

Holly Giles

Holly graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences. For her thesis, she investigated the within-host diversity of influenza infections using statistical methods. In 2016, she undertook an internship at the Francis Crick Institute, London, during which she investigated potential new methods of influenza surveillance and vaccine research.
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Laleh Haghverdi

Laleh Haghverdi received her PhD in Mathematics from the Technical University of Munich. She has a background in physics and has been working on single cell gene expression data analysis over the few past years. Her current research is on batch correction and integration of single cell data.

Katharina Imkeller

Katharina received her PhD in Immunology from Heidelberg University for her work on human antibody repertoires in Malaria infection. In June 2018 she joined a collaborative research project between the Huber group at EMBL and the Boutros group at the German Cancer Research Center. Her current research focuses on mapping and understanding genetic interactions in the context of disease.

Vladislav Kim

Vlad is a PhD student with a background in computational physics. He obtained his MSc degree from the University of Heidelberg with his graduate research focusing on population genomics of drug response in leukemia. At the moment he is continuing his work on genome-wide association study of CLL drug sensitivity. Additionally, Vlad is working on image analysis of 3D cell culture data.

Junyan Lu

Junyan has a PhD in Computational Biology and Drug Design from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His previous research focused on understanding mechanisms of drug response using integrated multi-omics technology and large scale ex-vivo drug testing approaches. In November 2015, he joined the Huber Group as a postdoctoral fellow and is now working on the SOUND project.

Thomas Schwarzl

Tom has a PhD in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from University College Dublin in Ireland. As EIPOD postdoctoral fellow, he is studying novel RNA-binding dynamics of metabolic enzymes. More …

Mike Smith

Mike joined EMBL as part of the de.NBI project where he is working on the development pipelines, workflows and computational approaches for large scale biological experiments. He has a PhD in computational biology from the University of Cambridge, UK.
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Anna Sommani

Anna is a Master student in Physics at the University of Heidelberg with a curriculum specialised in computational physics and biophysics. She joined the Huber group to work on a 12 month interdisciplinary project in collaboration with the Merten group (EMBL Heidelberg). The project uses the latest microfluidic approaches for antibody discovery in combination with single-cell RNA sequencing. Her research is to develop, test and apply the high-level statistical data analysis needed for this cutting-edge single-cell analysis platform.

Frederik Ziebell

Frederik has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Heidelberg University and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). He works on developing statistical methods for high-dimensional heterogeneous data and the analysis of multi-omic level drug treatment effects in collaboration with Cellzome.