Thomas Schwarzl

Tom has an engineering degree in Analytical Chemistry (major: Chemistry Informatics) from the Federal Training and Research Institute for Industrial Chemistry in Vienna, Austria. He did his undergrad in Bioinformatics in the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Austria. For his doctoral studies he focused on the analysis of high-throughput studies to determine cell fate decisions where he was involved in cancer (neuroblastoma, Ras-oncogene) and regenerative stem cell research.

As EMBL Interdisciplinary PostDoc (EIPOD) he is studying novel RNA-binding proteins in a collaboration with the Hentze and the Krijgsveld lab. The aim of his project is to detect binding site changes of metabolic enzymes with recently discovered RNA-binding capabilities. This will help to unravel the mechanism how these essentials enzymes regulate cell fate decisions and cancer progression. Tom analyses, models and integrates a mixture of high-throughput sequencing and mass spectrometry data sets and works on improving existing protocols and analysis strategies for the detection of RNA-protein binding sites. He is specialised on interdisciplinary scientific work in teams with heterogeneous backgrounds.