Impressions from CSAMA 2023

Past events
Brixen/Bressanone, 11-16 June 2023

Wolfgang Huber



We organised the summer school Biological Data Science in June 20231. The one-week intensive course taught statistical and computational analyses of modern molecular data types in biology and biomedicine, especially single cell and spatial omics. It comprised lectures on underlying theory and concepts, practical hands-on exercises, and informal discussion sessions. The lectures covered measurement technologies, statistical analysis, visualization and computational tools. In hands-on exercises, students investigated state-of-the-art datasets using the R / Bioconductor environment.


Mid-course group hike on Wednesday afternoon. We took the cable car up to Plose and hiked to Rossalm.

Johannes Rainer

Faculty during a morning coffee break: Laurent Gatto, Simone Bell, Davide Risso, Johannes Rainer, Charlotte Soneson, Lori Kern, Robert Gentleman, Mike Love

Charlotte Soneson and Mike Love

Mike Love

Simone Bell chilling at Rossalm


  1. Like every year since 2004, except during the pandemic of 2020 and 2021.↩︎