Giving Tuesday Appeal: Bioinformatics for Ukraine

Empowering Ukraine’s Bioinformatics community through education and collaboration

Serghei Mangul



Announcing Bioinformatics For Ukraine, a beacon of hope and support for Ukrainian scientists and students whose lives have been deeply affected by the ongoing Russian aggression.

Imagine being a student or researcher passionate about bioinformatics, on the cusp of breakthroughs and discoveries, only to have your dreams and hard work halted by war. This is the situation for many in Ukraine today. Amidst these challenges, our initiative offers a ray of hope.

Each donation, no matter the size, has the power to change the trajectory of someone’s life. Your contribution can help us provide essential resources, mentorship, and opportunities to those struggling to continue their education and research in these challenging times.

What Your Donation Means

You can check the stories of students affected by war here: Over 40 students, whose education was disrupted by the war, found new hope through this initiative. With the support of donors like you, they were able to continue their studies and be involved in cutting-edge bioinformatics research in Ukraine and abroad. Anastasiia Boshtova, a fellow of Bioinformatics for Ukraine, was awarded a scholarship by Oxford University to pursue her Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics. More details are here.

This Giving Tuesday, please consider supporting Bioinformatics For Ukraine. Visit our website, where you can easily make a donation. Every contribution brings us a step closer to ensuring that students and researchers in Ukraine are able to continue their studies and research. And to help strengthen civil society in Ukraine and further the integration of this brave nation into the free world.

We also encourage you to share this with your company in case they are interested in contributing to our initiative. We are also looking for partners. Would you mind connecting us with appropriate people in your company so we can discuss a possible partnership?

On behalf of the entire team at Bioinformatics For Ukraine and the students and researchers you will be supporting, we thank you for considering our cause this Giving Tuesday. Your generosity can light up lives and pave the way for a brighter future for students in Ukraine.